Having traveled to Kenya with a documentary film crew to create a feature length film in 2012, musician Nate Rappole is gearing up once again to take his project Street Muse on tour and this time he is heading to Thailand to take a closer look at the khaen, an instrument indigenous to the region.For Street Muse Thailand, he is raising support to further explore the nuances of musical ecology—the study of how local landscape and environment can influence people to make certain sounds. With one volume of this project complete, he is approaching this chapter with earned experience and redefined curiosity, one that examines urban music scenes while also diving into the traditions and geography that inspire their instruments, tones, and rhythms.Rappole will be accompanied by co-director/videographer Marcelo Quarantotto and translator/guide Tiffy Kaeo.


To be announced.


Street Muse Kenya is a feature length documentary focusing on the music cultures of Kenya. It is part travelogue, part cultural analysis, and part collaborative musical experiment.Over a six week period in 2012, musician Nate Rappole performed across Kenya, using music as a tool to connect to and inspire dialogue with the Kenyan musicians he met along the way. The responding musicians present a portrait of Kenya as a people struggling to manage tribal factionalism, urbanization and globalization, inequality, and religious and political tension. Through Streetmuse: Kenya, the streets of Nairobi and Mombasa appear as the theater and agent for social change.Rappole was accompanied by sociologist Len Albright, filmmaker Meryl O'Connor, and journalist Imgard Rop.


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Listen to the field recordings from Kenya.